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Gutter cleaning & repair

There are a lot of aspects that go into protecting your home from water, and other elements that the weather may cause.

One very important aspect to protecting your home, but unfortunately it is very often overlooked, is your guttering systems. If you do not have roof gutters that function properly your home can be subject to serious damage. It also does not look good for the appearance of your home when your roof gutters are clogged up or broken.

It is important to get any leaks repaired as soon as you can so that water damage will not occur when it rains again. It is also advisable to have the gutters and downspouts cleaned on a regular basis as they can soon get blocked up with debris such as loose concrete from roof tiles, moss and algae etc.  Gutters that are blocked can cause water damage to your home when water runs out of the gutter and down your walls. We can  clean  repair or replace a range of gutter systems for you and all our work is done to our usual high standards.

Garden fencing is often another area that if it is not maintained it will often fade, lose some of its colour and start to deteriorate. But don’t despair we can offer you a range of services to include repair replacement, or renovation of the following: 

  • Gutter cleaning from only £25.00
  • Gutter repairs from only £30.00    

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